Exercise Before Drug Testing

 Workplace Drug Testing

If you are a regular smoker of cannabis and are facing a workplace drug testing procedure, it is easy to panic. The half-life of THC, the metabolites of the drug that stay within the system, is pretty long. Recreational smokers can see the remains of THC in their system for up to 2 weeks.

This increases significantly in daily smokers. With a test imminent, the primary response is to purge the body of all toxins and chemical to appear clean. It is instinctive for users to turn to exercise as a way of sweating out the chemicals. The problem is that this simply doesn’t work. In fact, exercise can make the problem a whole lot worse.

THC Remains Within The Body For So Long Because It Remains Trapped Within Fat Cells

Drug Testing

As long at THC remains in your fat cells, and not in the urine stream or bloodstream, your chances of detection decrease. The problem comes when the body releases that THC through fat burning. This means that exercise really can be dangerous close to drug testing. Physical activity stimulates thermogenesis and the destruction of fat molecules, releasing hidden THC into the body. The higher your BMI, the higher the rate of intoxication

Don’t walk or cycle to work on the day of a test or else your levels could be significantly higher than normal. Stay as sedentary as possible to reduce your chances of detection. Some say to avoid activity for 2 hours prior.

Alternatively, it might be wise to avoid the gym for a little longer to stay on the safe side. It also helps to eat a hearty meal before a test. This makes sure that the body doesn’t feel an urge to break down fat cells for energy. Studies on rats deprived of food showed that their THC metabolite levels increase.

At This A Sure Fire Way To Beat Drug Testing For Cannabis?

At this point, we should note that this only works for urine testing. Hair samples are much different and work in a different manner. No amount of inactivity will change the level of THC trapped in a hair strand. This is also not a guarantee for a negative result.

The chemical is still detectable if it is in the system. This just lowers the likelihood. Workplace drugs testing can catch the best of us out, no matter how many precautions we take to improve our chances. There is no sure-fire way to beat the system and get ahead. All you can do is find some small way to reduce the detection rate.

Reducing your exercise levels and activity before a test is one of the best ways to go under the radar. There are no chemicals involved that could show up on a system. You haven’t inexplicably gotten a haircut or started drinking a lot more water at your desk.

Just play it cool and lazy for a couple of days. Above all, don’t forget to give up the pot when you know you have a test coming. If you try and fake a test result and still smoke every night, it’s your fault for failing.

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