Working Out With STDS

Physical Fitness

Our physical fitness and well-being is something that we need to protect and maintain at all costs. A physical exam can tell us a great deal about our health and any issue we need to be aware of. This can be as simple as advice on exercise, a quick mental health exam, and STD testing.

Doctors are now encouraged to talk to patients more about the links between exercise and STDs. STD testing does not have to be an entirely separate subject. That is especially true if there is the chance that it can have an impact on other areas of health. Normally, the two topics may not come up in the same conversation at the doctor’s office … Continue Reading

Exercise Before Drug Testing

 Workplace Drug Testing

If you are a regular smoker of cannabis and are facing a workplace drug testing procedure, it is easy to panic. The half-life of THC, the metabolites of the drug that stay within the system, is pretty long. Recreational smokers can see the remains of THC in their system for up to 2 weeks.

This increases significantly in daily smokers. With a test imminent, the primary response is to purge the body of all toxins and chemical to appear clean. It is instinctive for users to turn to exercise as a way of sweating out the chemicals. The problem is that this simply doesn’t work. In fact, exercise can make the problem a whole lot worse.


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